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HoA Annual Meeting 2017.03.27

Madison Place HoA Annual Meeting

Date:  Monday, March 27th, 2017

Time: 6:30pm





Madison Place HoA - Meeting Agenda

Annual HoA Business Meeting (Calendar year 2016)

(as noted in the 51 photos of the wall damages in the HOA Meeting Presentation, we need only to look to our west on Glade road to see what happens if we do nothing)

2018.03.03: Glade Road Perimeter Wall repairs to begin soon!

Work is expected to begin on the Glade Wall Repairs in late March or early April, subject to weather delays.

After months of searching, the contractor has finally located bricks that match as closely as possible to the 

existing wall bricks within just the last 2 weeks.

Although its taken over a year and 1/2 and an unimaginable number of volunteer hours to get us here, we 

know these repairs will absolutely improve the values of all our homes in the neighborhood and will certainly

be worth the time invested and the wait to ensure the wall will be properly repaired.

As part of our continuing efforts to ensure we protect each neighbor’s Property investment, once the Glade Wall

Repairs are competed, we will be contracting a company to perform quarterly inspections of the wall and 

perimeter to ensure each homeowner properly maintains their trees, scrubs, etc. in order to reduce the chances

of additional wall damages.

Also, we wish to thank all our neighbors that have paid their Special Assessment for these wall damages,  we have

collected over 97% of the Special Assessment funds!  And to the few that remain unpaid, we encourage you to 

send in your payment now as fines are already accumulating on any delinquent accounts.


Madison Place HoA Board

2018.03.28 - Glade Wall Repair Project Status

We received notice from the contractor that the replacement bricks arrived at their offices today

and wall repairs should begin within the next week or so.... weather permitting.