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Notice of Curfew Hours


City of Hurst 2004 Drainage Improvements

The City of Hurst will be improving drainage in late July 2004.  All parcels within 75 feet of drainage improvements will be notified by the city.  If you have concerns or questions contact information for the city is included inside the Notice of Construction below.

Download the notice of construction here:  Notice of Construction


Bear Creek Traffic Study

Enclosed in these documents are the results of the recently concluded traffic study conducted on Bear Creek Drive by the City of Hurst. This is copy of all 16 pages of raw data, however the graph tells it all and the synopsis is taken directly from the study's analysis.

It's interesting to note that the HI-STAR units were placed on Bear Creek, north of Dillon Ct. Look at the volume of southbound traffic - 648 vehicles exiting from our two neighboring developments, with 2.10 % exceeding 55 mph.

The city agrees with the 85 percentile rule - in this case if 85 percentile of the traffic is 38 mph they could raise the speed on Bear Creek to 40 mph.  Do we want to try to add rumble strips? The city would look to us for  participation with the $$

Bear Creek Traffic PowerPoint

Bear Creek Traffic Spreadsheet

Bear Creek Traffic Study - April 2004